Sundance Parties

Events that took Park City by storm were the Gen Art parties at Sky Lodge, 7 Fresh Faces in Fashion, Kenneth Cole and K-Swiss ping pong event DJ’s included Jeff      Tonnesen and Danny Masterson.  Twitter and the Parnassus Group sponsored theTweet House Party, at the site of the old William Morris/Endeavor party site.  Though, WME’s traditional Monday night party was missed, the Tweet House rocked in some great beats with DJ Menelik and some great fashion and some celebrity sightings.
Skateland put on a huge party in a house with multiple levels, pumping house music and beautiful people to promote their movie.  There were bars on multiple floors, small little Alice in Wonderland rooms to crawl into and get this, yes, free swag.  They passed out music cds and representing local LA fashion week Future Heretics were there with their Welcome to Los Angeles shirt doting a pistol on the front in a crisp black
and white design.  Also, Virtue was passing out jeans. Skinny jeans and street flow jeans were passed out to anyone who happened to walk into that room of the party. swag bags were everywhere! Virtue also passed out their new line of scarves, which have a light and soft to touch embedded with their emblem of Virtue in a leather square.

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