Quynh Paris-Compassionate Designer and cultural ambassador bringing Vietnamese Fashion to the Global Stage

Aug 30, 2023

**Designer Quynh Paris: A Multi-Talented Cultural Ambassador** Renowned in the world of fashion design and a multifaceted artist, Designer Quynh Paris has solidified her international brand as a prominent cultural ambassador. With a fashion education from prestigious global capitals and a portfolio adorned with international accolades, Quynh Paris has returned...

DOB Eternal Summer — Miami Swim Week – the Shows at SLS Hotel

Jul 15, 2023

Beach Bunny / Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023

Jun 13, 2023

Beach Bunny showed their fun and youthful swimsuit collection at Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023.

Atelier / Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023

Jun 12, 2023

Atelier created a collection that is lingerie inspired for their Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023 show. Click on an image multiple times to enlarge.

Anita Active / Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023

Jun 12, 2023

Anita showed a collection of active wear at Paraiso Miami Swim Week June 2023 with bright colors and more conservative ones.

Boss Spring/Summer 2023 Miami

Mar 17, 2023

BOSS unveiled its Spring/Summer 2023 collection in a breathtaking spectacle on Miami’s waterfront in March 2023. The collection offers a seamless reimagining of the brand’s traditional tailoring, drawing inspiration from the captivating interplay between dry and fluid states, land and sea, opaque and transparent, and past and present. Immerse...