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Creating New Combinations From Your Existing Wardrobe

The world of fashion is constantly changing and oftentimes it is hard to keep up with every latest trend and fad. You can be caught living in the past, not knowing what is currently in and what isn’t. Keep reading this helpful article to find tips you can use when you want to look your best. Your hairstyle says a lot about you. It is important that your...

The Most Crucial Aspect Of The Fashion World

You need to look good to do better in your career and even relationships. However, you don’t have to take too much time primping, spend too much money or need the latest runway trend. You will learn below that almost every type of fashionable look out there is easy to achieve. Read this article to find out more. If you know anyone who is very knowledgeable...

Falguni and Shane Peacock FW 2013 Mercedes Benz NYFW

Feb 18, 2013

Dark metallic materials juxtaposed to dark silk prints with mirrored patterns, capes with translucent layers, tufted shoulder accents, and accentuated makeup conjure up the thoughts of witchcraft and the underworld. A focused collection with mostly full-length pieces, with several layers, which could easily grace the wardrobe of any goth fan or anyone who wanted...