Sundance 2011/Intraceuticals and St. Regis Spa Park City

Intraceuticals and St. Regis Spa Park City

What a breath of fresh air Intraceuticals at the St. Regis Spa was. It was a very cold day at Sundance. Upstairs on the patio deck, Eddie Bauer, one of the best parties this year, was wining and dining us and then I looked at my watch and I saw that it was 4pm and I needed to check into the spa at the St. Regis. What an oasis! A spiral staircase leads you into a soothing, sterile atmosphere. The sounds of the hustle and bustle of Sundance are gone. You are in a meditative room with oxygen therapy and the sounds of waterfalls and the picturesque view of Park City, a snow filled wonderland. You really feel like a snow Queen now! I am taken into a quiet room where I am given a Rejeuvenate facial. The facial is a silky hydration complex mixture that promotes collagen and elastin production while improving skin texture. It improves fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is 50 minutes of pure hydration. I can only compare it to feeling like you are in a car wash with powerful sprays pumping your facial cells up like little water balloons pumped with Botox. But the best thing is, is that it is natural and it is non-invasive and with none of the side effects of Botox! At 7000 feet, you can feel the difference. My skin was instantaneously hydrated, full of color and life and no harsh blemishes like with some facial treatments. Intraceuticals told me that Madonna purchased a machine too and when she can’t bring the machine on tour, she uses the wand. The wand I tried the next day and my skin felt brought to life again. Intraceuticals really makes a difference in your skin, no matter what type of skin tone you have.

Article by Mary Showstark

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