Sundance 2011, In Review, L’Oreal Paris

Sundance in Review:

Every year, I come back from Sundance and I have a million things to write about. A zillion great parties, swag suites and a few outstanding movies.

One movie, Paramount pictures picked up within a few moments of the festival, ‘Like Crazy,’ a film directed by Drake Doremus. First loves, longing, regret, deep intimacy, need I tell you more? You will laugh and cry. Moreover, you will remember that love that tore your soul from the depths of your heart to your kitchen floor that is still stained with tears and tequila.

An Ode to Sundance
How I love thee so
How tired you make me though,

Ode to Sundance
You always leave me with romance,

A producer, an actor, a designer,
Unable to choose who is finer,

Yes, maybe two or three,
With in hand their card or black-berry

To Tao till three or four
Just to celebrate with Demi Moore

til you groan

Up at eight
Applying your Gwen Stefani red slate,

One meal for the day at Stella
Lame, but not fed by any other fella

To the swag suites
With your L&T pass you will meet

Under Armour, Solstice and Sorel,
This is a far cry from that Canyon-Laurel.

One film ‘Like Crazy’ made it all worthwhile,
At least I’ll leave Sundance in style!

–Mary Showstark

L’Oreal Paris:

L’Oreal, Paris swept me in, off the cold streets into the Entertainment Weekly suite. I thought I was just coming in to warm up but then I met a fabulous make up artist, Brandy with BGD make-up artistry. She introduced me to the Gwen Stefani red lip-stick. Now I am Italian and well, I don’t wear red. The last thing I want to do is look like I am from Jersey Shore. Sorry Snookie. Brandy swore this red looks good on all skin tones. She said all the celebrities were coming in requesting the color and that I was in luck because I received the last one!

I definitely was hesitant but politely accepted. I tried the ‘Gwen Stefani red’ on in the privacy of my Sundance home, shared with eight people and I walked downstairs and received eight compliments. I was told to wear red more and how it made my lips look great and made the color of my eyes pop.

I continued to wear the lipstick thru the rest of Sundance and back in LA and I receive a lot of compliments. The color truly lasts all day and is now my new favorite shade! Brandy was right!

Gwen Stefani has become the new face of L’Oreal. Her commercial debuted after the Golden Globes. Thank you, Gwen, Brandy and L’Oreal!

Article by Mary Showstark

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