Sundance 2011/ Alive! Green Expo: Nappi, Eaternal, Aubrey Organics, Rubber Duck Boots, EnvironSax

Alive! Expo Green Pavilion

“Alive! Expo” is the largest natural health expo in the country held every May in Atlanta. Twenty five thousand people attend this expo in the two-day time frame. Mix Media Lounge joined forces with Alive! Expo to introduce celebrities and media to the organic way of life and together they created Alive! Expo Green Pavilion. Owners Kim Shimmel and Patrycja Towns worked hard to bring this concept to red carpets and gifting suites all over the country. Also, these lovely and talented ladies recently founded their own non-profit, which will consist of celebrity portraits published in a coffee table book and all proceeds of the book will go to building back-to-basic summer camps for underpriviledged children.

This year the expo at Sundance featured numerous new and green products. Amongst a few were Nappi Clothing, Les Fleurs De Bach, a US anti stress treating fragrance, Swisspers, organic cotton rounds, Aubrey Organics–organic men’s and women’s facial and skin care cremes, Eaternal Plates, Heather Eastman necklaces, Rubber Duck Boots and EnviroSax, the official gift bag sponsor.

Nappi Clothing displayed its premium Italian jeans, really cozy scarves and these amazing shoulder bags. The bags are functional and stylish and Danny Nappi, designer who recently was shown in LA Fashion Week states that his goal is to design clothing that fits and flatters the wearer. Based out of Salt Lake City, we will be seeing more of this designer around the globe rather than the middle of the states.

Eaternal Plates was another amazing concept. The plates are 100 percent biodegradable and made 100 percent from leaves called Areca leaves. They appear to resemble bamboo but they are compressed and much sturdier for flatwear. They are leak proof, hygienic, reusable and microwave and conventional oven safe. This is way better than Styrofoam. He’s even created a tray that he would like to put into schools to rid the system of those terrible little Styrofoam trays that are clogging up land fills.

Heather M. Eastman surprised me with painted eyeglasses that she has made into wearable necklaces. They are delicate and hand painted. The necklaces are made from recycled eye-glasses. Every time someone throws out glasses or the optometrist cuts a lens wrong these lenses are sent to the garbage. Heather takes these and creates a stunning little masterpiece.

EnviroSax made by Belinda David-Tooze out of Australia was the official gift bag sponsor. Her bags are all re-usable bags with different styles, sizes and flare. Belinda also lives by her work. Her home is all re-usable sources of energy, she generates her own power, she grows her own food and lives off the land. EnviroSax was one of the first re-usable bags out there on the market. They are compact and light-weight. This year she allowed a designer to create a dress out of her bags and they made recycleable very couture!

Celebrities spotted walking out with their EnviroSax were Robert Redford, Adrien Grenier, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven and Demi Moore.

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