Sketchers’ Shape Ups Hit Sundance Film Festival 2010

Feb 23, 2010

Sketchers’ Shape Ups out of Manhattan Beach, California, made their appearance at the Sundance Film Festival next to Harry O’s with their pop-up store.  Now, we have all seen their sneakers, but they surprised us with their ‘Shape-Up’ boots, which were so stylish and perfect for jetting from one movie to the next.  Who knew that Shape-ups would be so comfortable too? The shoes and boots are used to promote weight loss, tone muscles, improve posture and reduce stress on knees and ankles.  I personally purchased these boots and I can tell you, I won’t go back.  For one, I am short and they give you some height, but without the heel that you are going to kill yourself with in the snow.  I was a disbeliever in these shoes as my step-sister received them for Christmas to shed her new baby pounds.  These shoes work and after a day of running from gifting suite, to movies, to Sundance parties, I felt it in my thighs and buns.  I danced the night away in them till 4am at the Tweet House and I will tell you, Shape-Ups weren’t lying, your thighs will tell you!

—Mary Showstark

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