Erik Bright and Lokee Worldwide Productions Gifting Lounge

Feb 23, 2010

Erik Bright and Lokee Worldwide Productions Gifting Lounge hosted Stewart apparel in their lounge this year as well as Columbia University’s film screening lounge.  Stewart clothing is an organic cotton luxury line for women developed by Shawn Stewart and Micheal Gonzales. The cotton is so soft!  Their designs are flowy and light.  Silk screened-like designs of large flowers, bamboo, and leaves are strewn on their clothing.  Micheal and Shawn are very proud designers and they should be.  Their clothing is airy and for spring and summer this year, their clothes are worth checking out.  They also have beautiful wraps that are very unique.  The wraps can be worn over jeans and resemble the way vests are worn right now.  Stewart and Gonzales take great pride in their labels.  Their label is a unique leather soft tag with their logo burned into the design.  It is sexy and elegant.  Stewart apparel is LA-based and can be found at the
B.A.R Showroom at 843 South Los Angeles Street #401, Los Angeles, CA  90014. More information can be found at
—Mary Showstark

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