Sundance 2011/Fred Segal Salon, Lierac, Phyto

Fred Segal Salon

Fred Segal Salon was in full force with Sean James and Laura Schell making everyone look and feel refreshed after being out in the harsh winter climate. Sean and Laura were the lovely ambassadors that were styling and teaching everyone about their wonderful products, Lierac of Paris and PHYTO, eco-chic Hair care.

The PHYTO, eco-chic hair care is created by Mr. Patrick Ales. He worked on legendary women such as Jackie O and Catherine Deneuve. For many years he experimented with different plants to find a combination of botanical extracts that have clinically proven results. Mr. Ales actually has a full staff of doctors, scientists, pharmacists, biochemists, engineers, and botanists that create the PHYTO line.

Lierac of Paris has been around since 1975. They are working in close collaboration with The French National Center for Scientific Research, French hospitals and schools of pharmacy. We all know that the French know skin care and they do look young and great even though many Europeans still smoke which is suppose to increase fine lines. Lierac of Paris is working on the important areas of skin regeneration. They are focusing in on fibroblast activity, reducing free radicals that age us, stem cells and skin aging research, and Collagen Type III. My favorite thing about Lierac of Paris is their website which lists the ingredients and how each work. Sean James, of Fred Segal Salon, was right to say that Lierac of Paris and PHYTO are amazing products. Check them out at,, and

Class, sophistication, the ooo-la-la of Paris and voted Best of LA in Los Angeles Magazine, how can you go wrong with Fred Segal Salon-you can’t!
Article and photo by Mary Showstark