Quynh Paris, an artist in many different ways

Mar 9, 2021

At the Top 100 Business Style event 2020 – 2021, the guests were “delighted” with a special violin performance from Designer Quynh Paris.


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She sublimated in the ceremony to honor Top 100 Business Styles 2020 – 2021. Quynh Paris’s real name is Nguyen Quynh Nhu. From a young age, she showed her talent for art. At the age of 6, she won the prize at the National Conservatory of Violin. After that, she had 8 years of performing in famous symphonic orchestras such as: City Symphony Orchestra; Band Maxim; Goship; and Lausanne Switzerland. Along with studying music, she also had a special passion for dance. Quynh Paris was also selected to attend a gifted training class for dance performance while she lived in Switzerland.

Considered the “cradle” of art, Europe is a “fertile” land. This allowed Ms. Quynh to maximize her forte. She graduated with excellence from the Mode Art International in Paris, France. This paved the way for a career in fashion design as lead designer of the Quynh Paris Atelier. She is known as a pioneer of world fashion trends for the last 10 years. Her works are recognized for her own personality and unique character. They are used for musicals, Hollywood films and even for the famous Eurasian circus troupes. Her art works are plentiful, inheriting the quintessence of the art forms she has ever experienced. For Quynh Nhu, fashion is not only about creating blocks, or looks using materials, but also to explore the other senses using sound, movement and other artistic outlets.

More specifically, her designs are praised by fashion magazines and major media outlets: CNN, FTV, New York Fashion Times, Marie Clair, Vogue, Elle, … “Thanks to knowledge in many arts, along with multinational cultural experience, designer Quynh Paris became a success. She also became the pioneer designer of fashion, creative arts, and creative costumes. Often her designs follow the flow of fashion, while retaining the personality of Quynh Paris.

Although successful abroad, Quynh Paris never forgot where she was born and raised – the Country of Vietnam. After building a name in the international fashion market, Quynh Paris decided to return and develop a career in her own homeland. Besides being an active participant in social activities, she currently is the Vice President of the International Women’s Leadership Network – WLIN: Ho Chi Minh. Here, she and other talented female leaders regularly organize exchange, connect and participate in community-building activities towards the goal of “Advancement of Women in the New Age”.

Receiving an invitation to perform at the Top 100 Business Style Honoring Ceremony, designer Quynh Paris immediately agreed because she wanted to spread a strong message about Pioneers to the show – this is also the theme of the Ceremony honored this year.

Quynh Paris not only brings the beauty of scientific music, sound and creativity to costume design, but also a fascinating freedom of movement in the experience of every dance. Her talent in the field of painting can be seen at her Painting exhibition by Nguyen Quynh Nhu (Quynh Paris) at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts. These artistic works use: the power of creativity (found in each friendly material from nature); the spiritual energy reflected in light and darkness; and humanistic inspirational values. The characters in the paintings have portrayed the beauty of women in leadership in each contemporary decade (WLIN Vietnam, Global).