Joanna Mastroianni FW2012 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

Feb 16, 2012

The collection included a variety of colors of bright clean whites, silver, gold, aged bronze, pewter, copper, red, golden green, magenta deepened with black and teal, and peacock blue.

Luxurious fabrics with cashmere, leather, silk sateen, hand-embroidered embellishments, tafted silk and creative fabrics. According to the designer, some fabrics were tufted by shirring, shredding and cutting silk into small strips before being embroidered with beads with a sheer lining.

With Iris Apfel, a fashion icon, as the core inspiration for the collection, Mastroianni developed a delicate range of looks lavishly adorned with beading, metallic ornamentation, chunky jewel trimming, and feathered embellishments. She raised the glamour bar further by accompanying many looks with ornate evening gloves. The collection epitomizes looks that Apfel might wear on her travels around the globe. The finale not only included a stunning backless, silver “chain-mail” gown –which appeared to require cautious steps by the model sporting the look– but Apfel, herself, joined the designer on stage for a touching moment of honor and appreciation.-Ana Pavlovic