Must Have: Black Coated Denims

Well ironically, the new thing…in jeans….is the color black. What, you may ask…what is the newest latest fad in jeans….Well its the lack of showy/contrasting stitching…the lack of blue…actually…the opposite of a bright color—“black”. Now looking into the offerings out there…some are grey black, blue black, dark blue black, flat black, shiny black, black with selective reflectivity (depending upon angle) and lastly rubberized or leather-coated black. Roughly speaking, the price structure also goes in the same order. Starting at $20/pair up to about $500/pair. So why the sudden shift from embroidered jeans ? Not sure.

Perhaps the creativity side of things finally got overdone, and stylistically it went 180 degrees. Now what becomes interesting is the subtle detail of the fabric that most people did not notice before. So color, and texture is not the only thing to compare, but feel, cut, luminescence, shine, colorfastness, and thread count comes to mind–descriptions normally used to categorize formal wear are entering the vocabulary of the “Jeans” wearer.