Dolcezza ‘Simply Art’ Fall 2021 Collection-Wearable Art

Sep 8, 2021

Unique prints from upcoming artists from around the world are used to create the ‘Simply Art’ Fall 2021 Collection at Dolcezza. Designed in Montreal and manufactured in Europe, the pieces are made mostly of natural and breathable fibers, with a comfortable yet fashionable fit. Each pattern is only used in one collection, and although the artist may be represented in a future collection, that specific pattern by that specific artist will not be used again–meaning those fashion pieces, could become collectable.

The 12 artists come from all around the world. In this collection we see the following artists:

  1. Abstract layers by Christine Lara from Miami Florida
  2. Blue mood by Basak Erarslan from Turkey
  3. Silent Mood & Art makes you Happy by Anna Flores from Germany
  4. Blessing with rings Merav Sudaey from Israel
  5. Still life by Pol Ledent from Belgium
  6. ArtyDog by Romina De Gregorio from Belgium
  7. Golden Ratio by Gina Startup from Hudson Valley in NY
  8. Double 00 by Maureen Brouillette
  9. Metal work by Carol Nelson from Denver, Colorado
  10. After midnight by Margaret Glew from Toronto, Canada
  11. Papers by Carol Leigh from Whidbey Island
  12. Bribes by Nathalie Migneault from Quebec

Click on the images several times to enlarge.