JN Marie SS 2014 Style Fashion Week L.A. Live

Oct 16, 2013

  Lisa JN Marie presented her Spring Summer 2014 at Style Fashion Week at L.A. Live.  Her collection consisted of different elements of texture and silhouette.  Colors included bold solid greys, blacks, silver, gold, yellow and others.  The collection was diverse with some cocktail dresses, while other looks may be more suited for the bedroom .  Several...

Consort 62 Style Fashion Week L.A. Live

Oct 16, 2013

“A gift for the ladies, and some of the men too”-Nikki Leigh. It was an urban line of clothing that a masculine body builder type could wear casually or on their day off.  Many outfits included vests, distressed pieces, neutral colors, with an occasional matched brighter piece. Colorful mens swim trunks and briefs concluded the collection. Nikki...

Day by Day Style Fashion Week L.A. Live

Oct 16, 2013

With a star-studded front row, Day By Day, showed their new collection at LA Live for Style Fashion Week. It is a very comfortable, trendy collection of jumpers, and casual workout attire that many celebrity woman find appealing. Why just the name suggests that, if we just make it through the challenges of today…we can look forward to a brighter tomorrow....


Oct 15, 2013

Andre Soriano took punk and almost made it couture…nearly an impossible task–to take nearly diametrically opposed styles of fashion and weave them together into one dastardly elegant collection. Unusual materials mixed with punk derived fasteners, edgy hair and makeup bring this amalgamation to an arousing round of applause on day two of Style...

Toxic Sadie SS2014 Style Fashion Week L.A. Live

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