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Gypsy 05

Gypsy 05 is a line created by brother and sister, Dotan and Osi. They are born in Israel and met back up in LA to design Gypsy 05. Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005. Dotan worked for many years in a dye house, Pacific Blue, that is well known for its use of color. There is no lack of color in Gypsy 05. Dotan describes the clothing as inspired by their travels around the world. He, himself, is a gypsy. Finding unique blends, colors, and styles, Gypsy 05 has grown huge notoriety amongst celebrities. In fact, on, you can actually shop by celebrity. The newest creation out of Gypsy 05 is their line of stylish footwear, inspired by South American hand-made knit booties. The booties extend to the knee and are a cozy, organic cotton, knit sock attached to a biodegradable rubber sole. Inspired by the ocean, Gypsy 05’s motto is to recycle, reduce, and re-planet. They believe and live by smelling the roses, instead of picking them and getting inspired by the beauty of the vast ocean rather than polluting it.
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Article by Mary Showstark

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